It’s been a rough, beef-filled month for Drake, but it looks like the rapper has found some old friends to help him cope. The newly released video for his single ‘I’m Upset’ opens with the rapper rousing himself from his bed mid-court at the Air Canada Centre, as one does. Then, he meets up with Shane Kippel, who played his on-screen best friend Spinner on Degrassi: The Next Generation in what is just the first in a long line of cameos by Aubrey Graham’s former teen drama co-stars.
The pair actually return to Degrassi Community School to celebrate the entire class of 2007’s… eleven year reunion? Is that like a Canadian thing? Do they do elevens? Anyway, making appearances are Stacey Farber, Adamo Rugguiero, Lauren Collins, Jake Epstein, Christina Schmidt, Andrea Lewis, Melissa McIntyre, Linlyn Lue, Stefan Brogen, Ephram Ellis (being chased down in what we assume is vengeance for shooting Jimmy), Jake Goldsbie, Marc Donato, Dalmar Abuzeid, AJ Saudin, Miriam MacDonald, Cassie Steele, Nina Dobrev, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, and Paula Brancati. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith even reprise their Jay and Silent Bob characters to sell weed to the principal and remind us all that they too were in Degrassi once, for reasons that may never be fully understood by mankind. Anyway, Canadian healthcare must be great because no one seems at all surprised to see Jimmy out of his wheelchair.