Mark Wahlberg’s Ex-Model Wife Launches New Handbag Collection

Ella Grace Wahlberg

Ella Grace by Rhea Wahlberg (
In the Season 9 premiere episode of Wahlburgers, “Meat in the Middle,” brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg continue to expand their burger empire. In the sneak peek video, Mark tells his brothers, “We’re literally going to double in size.” He adds for special effect, “Global expansion.” But let’s face it, it’s Chef Paul who does all the heavy lifting for Wahlburgers. This season he’s working on getting Wahlburgers’ “Express Model” going. But hey, it’s not just the Wahlberg men who are in entrepreneurs. In Beverly Hills, Mark Wahlberg’s wife Rhea is launching her new bag collection this spring/summer too. It’s called Ella Grace by Rhea Wahlberg. (Their two daughters are Ella and Grace.)
[Posters of Rhea as a model are on sale at Amazon]
The former Victoria’s Secret model has a good eye for design. So far there are three products available: the lavender leather Ella Grace Cardholder ($45), Rhea Bucket Bag ($225; available in lavender and black), and Ella Wristlet Wallet ($110; available in lavender and black). Yes, purple is Rhea’s favorite color – her wedding colors were lavender and white! Wahlburgers airs Wednesdays at 10pm on A&E.

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