Ride Web Traffic Tutorial

Okay the audience at once, welcome to my simple Blog

this time I want to explain about how to ride web traffic easily without having to pay anything aka free tis tis tis .. not just can visit from the territory of Indonesia only, but from all over the world participate in a visit to our web , cool right ... besides it is Credit that already stored can be exchanged the same money and can be income also good, already Free and get Money anyway .. hohohoho

Before starting should be prepared first web address that will digunain, copy links from each web. After that click the link destination easihits4u monggo on click,

nah kalo udah enter the homepages directly Sign Up aja (Free bos'ku)

If you find an option like do Registration through "Registration Form"

That need to be registered at the time of Registration on an account, both Web and Social Media. Is when entering "Password" or password. there are some examples Users who forget after they do the Registration. and must repeat with the next account. Hmmm maybe he's tired: D

Once everything is well filled, click "GET STARTED" and continue next step

Okay, we go again. After a successful filling and the account was so then ready for the actual battle, hehe ... see in the picture below, which needs to do next is simply delete the last URL or shorter delete the words "/ oto./" in the corner top left. Once deleted and then click ENTER.

Then press "OK, got it"

After that, Confirm your email to sync with Easyhists4U. in order to connect well,

Click "My Sites"

Then click "Add a New Site"

See the picture below, enter the web / blog address as the purpose of increasing traffic. The next column "Title" must be filled in, and for the column "My site is in" for the visitor is free to make choices according to the contents of the web / blog. If you speak Indonesian should choose to visitor Indonesia, vice versa if your web / blog foreign language better choose the other language speakers: D


Use it to select the target visitors, the distance per second click / visit and how many times the web / blog we run.

Then Click "Submite Website"

Look at the picture below, if it has been successful "Add Site" Display it like that

Watch the arrows drawn below, The next step is to start to "Surfing"

What is Surfing? Surfing is an activity exploring the virtual world / Internet is usually called by browsing, Surfing can also be interpreted by browsing. by exploring the virtual world or the internet to find something useful reading news online is also one of browsing.

Click "Next" look like the picture below.

Click "OK, got it"

Well in this session our time earnings credit, so I mean that the arrow means the rest of the task that must be completed to be a gift, which later bias in convert to $ or credit

This "surfed today" sign is a notification of how many times we have been surfing or exploring

Well, look at the picture below. what we need to do to get a credit + $ + gift is to click on one of the same images. That doang? Yup, it's easy right? Hehehe

Ooo ya do not forget after you surf 25 times, please take the prize. Karna kaloat gifts too get ga juraggan, how to take the prize is in the picture below, click "Claim Your Prize" and see what can get.

How? it's easy control his way. good luck for You. if there is another question, can Post Comment below. love the questions you want to ask. Thanyou already stop by, greeting success :)

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